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My name is Xanthe Hamilton, I have been tasked by The Government of Jersey to bring back the Branchage Festival, some of you will remember it, for those who don't click here.

I have been in a period of research, developing new ideas, and thinking how we could bring about a beautiful new festival, as well as trying to work out what sort of festival the world actually needs right now.

I have been thinking a lot about how as an Island we can come together to create and make something thoroughly original. I have become obsessed with the Jerriais word Racc'moder - a term which literal translation is to mend: make new, revive, bring back to life.

During my research we were hit by a big storm, and suddenly, well there was a huge reason to try and put Racc'moder into action.

If any of this appeals to you, in 2024/25, I will be looking for sponsors, a new team, venues, partners, hosts, accommodation, musicians and people who want to make things or make this a reality.

WhatsApp me on 07801227391 or email or join the mailing list.


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