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An innovative cultural movement emerging in the island of Jersey.
Racc'moder _ Jerriais _ to Mend
Mission Statement:
"RACC'MODER, is on a mission to harness the collective energy, unleash innovation and agency in our community. To use arts, creativity and 'coming together' to repair and improve our conditions.
  • Develop projects that provide tangible solutions. 
  • Protect and improve our natural and built environment.
  • Be courageous in building connections, conversations and partnerships across varied stakeholders on and off island.
  • Use the power of art and culture, including film, music, literature, performing arts and food to engage, build, and inspire.
  • Foster a culture of transparency, fairness, and graciousness.
  • Develop projects that contribute to a more robust and fertile cultural landscape.
  • Develop skills and training opportunities that teach and empower people of any age, background, gender or ethnicity.
  • Build networks to facilitate communication to solve problems.
  • Collaborate and support organisations and individuals who align and further our objectives.
With unwavering commitment, RACC'MODER pledges to mend what is broken, bring care to what needs attention, and actively contribute to a thriving, connected, and vibrant community.


Grow the Base

Build an engaged community by running a series of events to discuss and inspire and coordinate a response to different issues we face.

Incorporate Arts

Creation of Community choir, orchestra and house band, podcast and online events and streaming space.

Start doing

Action Community Projects, mixing doing, learning and enjoyment.

School, Hotel, Residency & Making Space

Create a learning, innovation and making hub.


Social Practice

Festival Building

Community Driven Design

Systems Design


Launch a highly innovative internationally recognised and connected arts festival, built and programmed on the philosophy of Racc'moder. The deliverable of the school.

Community Development Company

Coordinate community led and engaged Regeneration Schemes

Consult for Developers and Government

Lead design competitions for public assets

Delivery of Community/Affordable Housing

Plant an edible forest and park land to provide research into new foods, and showcase them at the festival, creating a temporary campsite.

Design and build a wood mill and gig venue, including launch a 100 year woodland planting and management scheme.

Develop and build a portfolio of sales licenses for artworks and other products that align with the goals of Racc'moder to create a revenue stream.

Build an International Network of Events Based on Racc'moder principle.

Organise trips for people from Jersey to have a cultural and racc'moder experience in other countries.

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